The Heavens Declare 4-6 DVD Set

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Episode 4 – “Our Amazing Solar System”
This episode explores the amazing solar system we live in, designed by God in just a few days. Our experts will explore:

  • How our solar system looks designed by God
  • What makes each planet unique
  • Why the Earth is so special among planets in our vast universe
  • Evidence of our solar system being just thousands of years old

Episode 5 – “Our Incredible Sun” 
This episode explores the incredible sun God created on the Fourth Day of Creation. Our experts will explore:  

  • How our sun formed and its purpose in Creation
  • What makes our sun unique from other stars
  • The science of the sun, flares, sunspots, and fusion
  • The future of our sun

Episode 6 – “Our Wonderful Moon”
This episode explores the wonderful moon God created on the Fourth Day of Creation. Our experts explore:    

  • The origin and purpose of the moon
  • Did man make it to the moon?
  • The moon’s craters, maria, and magnetic field
  • Evidence of our moon being just a few thousand years old.

Experts Include:

     -Dr. Danny Faulkner from Answers in Genesis
     -Dr. Jason Lisle formally with the Institute for Creation Research
     -Dr. Russ Humphreys from Creation Research Society/ICR/CMI
     -Dr. Don DeYoung from Creation Research Society/Grace College
     -Spike Psarris - Retired NASA Defense Space Engineer

This DVD is produced by Kyle Justice.  Kyle is an Emmy nominated director and has been producing programming since the mid 1980's for networks such as ESPN, National Geographic, Comcast SportsNet, Fox Sports, and The Outdoor Channel.  He has produced creation science DVD series since 1996 with such titles as "The X-Nilo Show", "Debunking Evolution", and "Awesome Science." 

DVDs come with a Digitial HD Copy.

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Format: DVD
Length: 36-42 Minutes Each
Ages: Teen-Adult
Published: 2019