Awesome Science Ep3 "Explore Petrified Forest / Meteor Crater" DVD

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In this episode, Noah travels to Arizona to explore two very odd geologic sites, petrified forests laid down beneath thin rock layers on the desert floor, and a large gouge on the sedimentary layers near the Grand Canyon.  The first site reflects the catastrophic events during the Flood and its aftermath.  The second site, under a hundred miles away, has helped scientists discover catastrophic processes around the world by bombardment of meteors (which are NOT responsible for the extension of the dinosaurs).

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Learn How:

  • Millions of acres of petrified forests were created during the Flood
  • The the amazing Teepees were created by underwater volcanic action
  • Meteor Crater was the key to recognizing other craters around the world
  • A large meteor was NOT responsible for killing off the dinosaurs

Format: DVD or VOD
Length: 34:21
Ages: 8-18
Published: 2012

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