Awesome Science Ep6 "Explore John Day Fossil Beds" DVD

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In this episode, Noah travels to Eastern Oregon and explore the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.  It’s here that thousands of feet of Columbia River Basalt are exposed by a major erosional event, most likely the global flood.  John Day Fossil Beds are also have the largest collection of mammal fossils in the world.  These fossils are supposed millions of years old, yet they show very little change from present mammals.  Noah will dig for fossils and explore cool locations such as the Palisades, the Painted Hills, and Picture Gorge.  He’ll show strong evidence for this area being formed and eroded quickly just a few thousand years ago.

Learn How:
-What conditions near the end of the Flood would have caused massive amounts of magma to escape to the surface and build layers quickly
-There is very little evidence for major evolution in the fossil record
-The Flood would have caused chaos in the layers of sediments
-The Flood explains water and wind gaps
-Fossil leaves show quick burial and fossilization at the beginning of the Flood

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Format: DVD or VOD
Length: 35:40
Ages: 8-18
Published: 2012